Pushkar Patel

Hello, I am Pushkar.

For most of my time I write software.I also write other stuff that I should share.So I'm putting this site out there somewhere.To give myself a teeny-tiny little dare.To write a little more, raw and bare.Maybe I'll do that a justice square and fair.Or maybe not; I honestly don't care.All I want is to write with a little flair.And grow a little more self-aware.This rhyme makes no sense and it is so unfair.To you dear reader for having to bear.This nonsense that for a minute now you've stared.I wish you had better things to care.Now while you're at it do check me out here:

Personal Blog: Pushkar's BlogTech Newsletter: NibbleNotes: Pushkar's NotesGitHub: thepushkarpgithubTwitter: @thepushkarptwiterProduct Hunt: thepushkarpproducthuntMail: Click to reveal

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